Rules and Regulations


Revised August 2019

In addition to the provisions of the declaration of Carlyle Plaza, Inc. (the “Declaration”),
and the Articles of Incorporation (“Articles” and bylaws (“Bylaws”) of CARLYLE PLAZA,
INC., the following rules and regulations as may be adopted hereafter by the Board of Directors
(the “Board”) of the Condominium Association (the “Association”), shall govern the use of
Units, Common Elements, Limited Common Elements and other property owned by the
Association or subject to use rights held by the Association (“Association Property”), and the
conduct of all Unit residents, owners, and/or invitees, whether Unit Owners, approved lessees, or
the guests of Unit Owners or lessees. All defined terms herein shall have the same meaning as in
the Declaration, Articles and Bylaws. The term “Unit Owner” as used in these Rules and
Regulations shall be deemed to include employees, guests, invitees, and lessees of the Unit
Owner, as applicable.

1. Unless specific portions of the Common Elements are designated by the Board for such
purpose, no portion of the Common Elements shall be used for the storage or placement
of furniture or any other article, including, but not limited to, plants, boxes, cans, tires,
shopping carts, bicycles, shoes, or other articles of clothing and the like. Balconies shall
not be used as storage areas nor shall umbrellas be permitted on balconies. No Drying of
Clothes on balconies. Installing tile on balcony floors is strictly prohibited!

2. No Unit Owner or occupant shall make or permit to be made any disturbing noise in the
Common Elements or in the Units by himself, his family, friends, tenants, employees,
servants or invitees, nor permit anything to be done by any such persons as would
interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of other Unit Owners or occupants. No
Unit Owner or occupant shall play or allow to be played any musical instrument, radio,
TV, stereo, tape recorder or the like if the same shall unreasonably disturb or annoy any
other Unit Owners or occupants. Without limiting the general applicability of the
foregoing, the following times shall be maintained as “Quiet Hours” during which
additional noise restrictions may be required by the Board: 10:00 p.m. through 9:00 a.m.
Monday through Friday and 11:00 p.m. through 9:00a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Unit
Owner or occupant noise grievances should be submitted to the Board in writing.

3. No rugs shall be beaten on Common Elements, nor dust, rubbish or litter swept from the
Unit or any other room thereof onto any of the Common Elements. Unit Owners and
occupants must deposit all rubbish or litter in the designated areas and receptacles
provided for such purpose.

4. Persons shall not be permitted to loiter or play in any portion of the Common Elements
not specifically designated for such purpose.

5. Owners or tenants who are moving into or out of the Condominium Property shall do so
between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m Monday through Friday. Notice must be
given to the Board of Directors at least 48 hours beforehand in order to prepare the
elevator with protective pads. The repair of all damage to the Common Elements
resulting from the moving and/or carrying of furniture and/or other articles therein shall
be paid for by the Unit Owner or the person in charge of such articles.

6. No one shall interfere in any manner with the lighting in or about the buildings and
Common Elements.

7. No awnings or window guards shall be used, except as shall be put up or approved by the
Board. No signs of any kind shall be placed in windows or on doors or other exterior
surfaces or balconies or the Common Elements, without the prior written approval of the

8. Unit Owners and occupants, their employees, servants, agents, visitors, licensees, and
their families will obey the parking regulations posted at the parking areas and any other
traffic regulations promulgated in the future for the safety, comfort and convenience of
the Unit Owners and occupants. All Association residents must have their vehicles
registered with the Board. Any vehicle illegally parked in another units designated space
without permission from that owner or any vehicle impeding the entrance or exit from a
parking spot without prior approval from the Board will be deemed illegally parked and
shall be subject to tow at the vehicle owner’s expense.

9. The Unit Owners and occupants shall not cause or permit the blowing of any horn, or
loudly revving a motor of any vehicle in which his guests, family, tenants, invitees or
employees shall be occupants, approaching or upon any of the driveways or parking areas
serving the Condominium, except as may be necessary for the safe operation thereof.

10. Unit Owners will faithfully observe the procedures established from time to time by the
Board with respect to recycling and the disposal of garbage, rubbish and refuse. Regular
daily trash should be securely tied in proper trash bags and placed in the dumpster or
carefully dropped down the trash chute. No glass bottles or heavy or loose trash shall be
dropped down the trash chute. Improper garbage disposal will result in a fine.

11. All draperies, shades, blinds and other window coverings hung, displayed or installed at
or in the exterior windows of any Unit shall be of materials and construction
manufactured for purposes of serving as window coverings, as determined by the Board.
Exterior color for all window treatments shall be white or off white neutral color. Sheets,
towels, bedspreads, aluminum foil and other similar materials not manufactured for
purposes of serving as window coverings, as determined by the Board, shall not be hung,
displayed or installed at or in the exterior windows of any Unit. Notwithstanding the
foregoing, a Unit Owner may respectfully display one portable, removable United States
flag pursuant to section 718.113(4), Florida Statutes.

12. No Unit Owner or any of his agents, servants, employees, licensees, or visitors shall at
any time bring into or keep in his Unit any flammable combustible or explosive fluid,
material, chemical or substance, except for normal household use.

13. Installation of antennas, including satellite dishes, shall be governed by the “Rules for
Installation of Antennas”. The Federal Communications Commission (the “FCC”)
adopted a rule effective October 14, 1996 (the “FCC Rule”), preempting certain
restrictions in the governing documents of planned communities concerning the
installation, maintenance, and the use of direct broadcast satellite, television broadcast,
and multipoint distribution service antennas (collectively, “antennas”). Since the FCC
Rule is subject to change or modification, the Board reserves the right to adopt, amend
and/or modify the Association’s rules governing installation, maintenance, and use of
antennas,· which rules may be more restrictive than current regulations and which may,
in the discretion of the Board, be applied retroactively. The Association recommends
satellite dishes be installed to balcony railings or patio fencing. · Nothing should be
installed directly onto the buildings or roof.

14. Subject to the provisions in the Law, Bylaws and Declaration, pets which are not service
or support animals are NOT allowed. All service animals must provide ADA registration
documents and up to date vaccinations annually. Support animals must provide up to date
vaccinations annually and provide a prescription or notarized letter from their licensed
mental health provider. Any inconvenience, damage or unpleasantness caused by such
pets shall be the sole responsibility of the respective owners thereof. Fines shall apply in
case of violation of said rules.

15. Smoking within the Common Element hallways, stairways, catwalks, or other public
enclosed areas within the Condominium is prohibited. Smoking on balconies is allowed
but all ash, butts, or debris shall not be disposed of from the balcony.

16. Except as otherwise permitted by the Board and except as otherwise permitted by law, no
names or other signage may be displayed on the exterior side of the front door of any
Unit, upon any mailbox, or within any portion of the Condominium which is visible from
Common Element hallways.

17. Nothing shall be thrown, swept, or brushed from the windows, balcony, or doors of any

18. All persons shall be properly attired when appearing in any public spaces within the

19. Except for such purposes permitted by the Board, access to any of the roofs of the ·
Condominium shall be prohibited.

20. No person shall interfere in any manner with the fire alarm system, heating, cooling,
water, electrical, cable, telephone, stairwell doors, alarm or other systems serving the
Condominium or the Association.

21. The Board of the Condominium shall maintain keys that will open the front door lock(s)
of each Unit. The front door lock(s) for a Unit may only be altered upon prior notification
of the Condominium manager. The Condominium Board shall be provided a copy of all
keys within two (2) days after any front door lock shall be altered. The key maintained by
the Board is not intended to be used as a convenience key for the Owner’s invitees or for
lock-outs. Any owner who wishes the Board to allow others entry to such Owner’s Unit
shall utilize any convenience key system that may be established.

22. The emission of offensive cooking or other odors within the Condominium is prohibited.
No cooking shall be permitted on any balcony.

23. All leases and rentals of a Unit shall be subject and subordinate in all respects to the
provisions of the Declaration and Rules and Regulations of the Condominium. The
Owner of a leased or rented Unit, if permitted by the Declaration, shall be jointly liable
with his tenant for compliance with the Condominium Documents and/or any claim for
injury or damage to persons or property caused by the acts or omissions of the tenants
and/or those for whom the Owner is responsible. The Unit Owner shall be responsible for
making sure his/her tenant receives a copy of the Declaration and Rules and Regulations
of the Association.

24. Servants, domestic help and employees of the Unit Owners may not gather or lounge in
the Common Elements or Association property.

25. In order to protect the Condominium property, each Unit Owner who plans to be absent
from his Unit during the hurricane season must prepare his Unit prior to his departure.
a. Removing all furniture, plants and other objects from each Unit Owner’s porch or
balcony, where applicable; and
b. Designating a responsible firm or individual to care for his Unit should some
suffer hurricane damage, and furnishing the Board with the name of such firm or

26. There shall be no solicitation by any person anywhere in the Condominium Building for
any cause, charity, or any purpose whatsoever, unless specifically authorized by the
Board. All door-to-door commercial solicitation is prohibited. Placing of materials in
mailboxes or on or within any portion of a Unit is prohibited, unless specifically
authorized by the Board.

27. All holiday decorations, ornaments, lights and others cannot be placed outside of a unit
more than 30 days prior to and remain 30 days after that holiday.

28. Under the Rules and Regulations each Unit Owner shall be responsible for the actions of
his family members, guests, invitees, tenants, contractors and other persons for whom
they are responsible, as well as for the actions of persons over whom they exercise
control and supervision.

29. All applicable laws, zoning ordinances and regulations of all governmental bodies having
jurisdiction shall be observed. Violations of laws, orders, regulations or requirements of
any governmental agency having jurisdiction to the Common Areas or any Unit shall be
corrected by, and at the sole expense of the Unit Owner and, as appropriate, the violator.

30. Any waivers of the Rules and Regulations and/or consents or approvals in violations of
the Rules and Regulations given by the Board shall be revocable at any time and shall not
be considered as a waiver, consent or approval of identical or similar situations unless set
forth in writing by the Board.

31. Any of the Rules and Regulations contained in this document do not amend any
provisions of the Declaration. In the event of conflict between the two, the provisions of
the Declaration shall prevail.

32. All gates are to be kept closed at all times. It is prohibited to keep a gate open.

33. Guests will be allowed to stay 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, your guests will be subject to
Board approval. No building’s keys shall be furnished to unapproved persons.

34. The Board shall post News and bulletins in the lobby bulletin board, via Email, door to
door postings, at various locations throughout the building and at Either of these modes of communication shall suffice as
reasonable notice.

35. The use of the Recreation/Common Areas of the Condominium Property shall be subject
to the following:
a. An Owner shall be responsible for the actions and conduct of his family members,
guests, invites and tenants. Good conduct and safety shall be observed and shall
be enforced.
b. Damage to the Association property, including Recreational areas or equipment
therein, which caused by any Owner shall be repaired or replaced at the expense
of the Owner.
c. The use of the Recreational Areas by anyone other than an Owner or the family
members, guests or tenants of the Owner is strictly prohibited and shall be at risk
of those involved and not, in any event, the risk of the. Association or its
d. It is prohibited to litter or cause debris to be in the Common Areas or Recreational
Areas. No garbage cans other than those provided by the Association shall be
placed or left within the Common Areas and Recreational Areas.

36. No lifeguard will be on duty at the swimming pool. Pool hours will be mandated by the
Board of Directors and will be posted at the pool.

37. No nude swimming is allowed at any age in the pool. Infants and toddlers with diapers
must wear protective, leak-proof pants. Pool furniture and equipment shall not be
removed from the pool area

38. A new owner must wait 1 year after purchase before being eligible to rent the unit.

39. All new owners must replace all inefficient, old, or leaking toilets prior to moving in.

40. No vehicles shall be washed using the Building waterlines around the building. Nor shall
they be repaired on the premises.

41. All unit entrance doors, shall have a plain white. All personal Unit gates and window
cages must be kept rust free and painted in Board approved color. Gates shall have thumb
latch locking mechanisms.

42. Clothes washers and/or dryers are not permitted in the units.

43. The Board reserves the right to amend or alter these Rules and Regulations at any time.

44. Failure to comply with these Rules and Regulations will result in fines, penalties, or
termination as deemed appropriate by the Board and in accord with applicable Florida
State Law.