Welcome to CarlylePlazaCondo.com!

pexels-photoDear Association,

This is an introductory post to describe the site’s function and to hear some advice on how we can make it better.

For now, this site will mostly serve as a bulletin board for announcements such as:

  • Board of Director and Member meetings and agendas
  • Documents and Forms
  • Unofficial announcements (like party invitations or anonymous complaints)
  • Cool events in the neighborhood or condo!
  • News and notes regarding anything that will improve our community

I believe the site can also function as a “business card” of sorts. Prospective buyers and renters can:

  • See the building and surrounding North Shore neighborhood.
  • Get an idea of the community environment and residents.
  • See owners posts of available rentals, pictures and descriptions
  • Much more that I can’t think of now!

I would love to spruce up the site and make it more official looking in the future, but for now it will remain simple (and cheap)!

You are all members of this community website! So if you want permission to submit relevant blog posts please contact me.

I hope to hear plenty of suggestions and criticisms so that we can make this place, online and in real life, the best it could be!



Ronald Z

Carlyle Plaza Secretary


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